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Managed Cloud Services

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Secure Infrastructure

Secure Cloud Storage provides peace of mind knowing your data is being stored under the most optimal conditions and being monitored by trained, expert staff. Being able to trust your cloud computing solutions provider to implement and maintain your secure data storage means little to no downtime, saving you money and headaches.

  • Tier III

    We store your data at a Tier III data storage site. This means you can expect a 99.999% uptime. Multiple power and cooling units add an extra level of dependability to make sure your data is accessible when you need it. N+1 fault tolerance provides at least 72 hours of power outage protection in case of an emergency.

  • Continual Monitoring

    Continuity is important to your business. Our 24/7/365 support includes 24/7 physical monitoring of your data storage site, CCTV surveillance, card-based access and virtual monitoring of your network. Our on-call technical support is available to troubleshoot issues when they arise. Even when you are not working, your data is.

  • Server Colocation

    The power, cooling, bandwidth and physical security of your data center guarantees you complete and uninterrupted access to your data. The benefits of colocation also include saving on the cost of building, maintaining and improving upon your own data center providing you with the ideal environment to match your needs.

  • Automatic Data Backups – Protect Against Data Loss and Corruption

    Your Cloud server is backed up every night. Platinum Systems’ technical support team can restore a full image or a subset of files if you need to reestablish access to your business data. 

  • Network Security

    Your information is stored on a fully isolated tenant network that features an integrated perimeter firewall and site-to-site VPN services.

  • Secure Infrastructure

Available From Everywhere

Most of your work might be done from the office, but there are exceptions. Managed Cloud services provide you with the ability to access your information anywhere, at any time, as long as there is an internet connection. 

  • Where is My Internet? – Everywhere.

    If you have an internet connection you can access your data from any internet-ready device. Simply sign in through your secure cloud access to download, upload and make changes to your information. 

  • 99.999% SLA Uptime

    Your data is stored at a Tier III data storage site. Physical and online protections and safeguards mean that your managed data is available to you virtually any time. 

  • Security

    24/7/365 monitoring of your data provides you with peace of mind that it is protected from hackers, malicious software, viruses or other online threats. Cutting-edge intrusion detection systems means that your data is being monitored continuously from invisible threats. Secure is a promise.

  • Available from Anywhere
  • Remote Desktop

    From anywhere you can now connect to your office desktop.

We Manage, You Relax

Putting your faith in Platinum Managed Cloud Services means taking the stress out of data storage while gaining a peace of mind and ability to focus on more pressing issues regarding your business. We’ll consult with you to clearly understand your data management needs while helping to craft storage solutions that best align with your business.

  • Security/Continued Monitoring

    24/7/365 is a promise. You benefit in two ways, your data is physically secure in a Tier III storage facility and monitored virtually around the clock. Automatic data backups occur every night. Our services are never out of reach.

  • Stop Losing Money

    Cloud computing benefits include no costly technology or upkeep. By hiring us to be your Cloud Storage providers we replace hiring a dedicated worker with a low monthly cost. Use managing your data to help manage your budget.

  • No Downtime

    Your data is stored at a Tier III data storage site. That means you can be sure your data is accessible 99.999% of the time.

  • Focus on What Matters

    Putting your trust in us gives you peace of mind to focus on what’s important; running your business. Our expert staff is trained to recognize inconsistencies as well as deal with issues as they arise. 

Infinitely Scalable – Nothing Is Set In Stone

Our services are customized to the specific data management needs of your business. Cloud service can be configured with Ram resources that easily support spikes in user traffic and application workloads. Your data will be stored on high-capacity cloud servers that are instantly scaled to meet your unique requirements.

  • Grows With You

    Businesses grow and needs change over time. We’ll start with where you are today and will partner with you as your business changes and grows in the future. Whenever you have changes or questions, contact us.

  • Unlimited Resources

    Your business will no longer be burdened with limited server space or the day-to-day drudgery of data center management. You will be able to store as much data as you need. A simple phone call will enable you to add vCPUs, memory and storage to existing virtual machines. Upgrades are virtually immediate, normally taking effect as soon as the server is rebooted.

  • Accumulated Savings

    The increase in cloud storage space utilized doesn’t have to be costly. Investing in a secure cloud management system allows you to save on the cost of things like purchasing and maintaining equipment, as well as upgrading to keep up with technology. You also get the added benefit of having 24/7/365 support without having to hire a specialized employee of your own. 

  • Infinite Scalability

It’s Your Data – You Are In Control

You’re hiring us to manage your data and we take that trust seriously. You are in the driver’s seat. We are simply here to work on your needs, make the process easy for you and to make sure your data is available when you need it. 

  • You’re in Control

    No one has access to this data but you. Our mission is to provide you with the best and most efficient data storage and backup solutions to keep your data safe and secure. Your data, your passwords, your plan. We are working for you.

  • Ease of Use – You work, we back it up.

    If you have an internet connection you can access your server and data from any internet-ready device. Simply sign in through your secure cloud access to download, upload and make changes to your information.

  • Never Lose Your Data

    When you leave your office at the end of the day you no longer have to worry that everything is backed up successfully. Servers hosted and managed by Platinum Systems are backed up and secure. You always have a backup available through our secure managed cloud. 

  • Single Interface

    Each user will deal with a single interface regardless of the device they are using. This eliminates extra training requirements and allow you to focus on your work. 

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