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Remote Management Overview

Remote Management

| Peace of Mind with PtRM

Peace of Mind with PtRM

Are you 100% certain that your system updates and patches are in place and up to date?  Platinum’s PtRM - Remote Management is a monthly preventive maintenance service that ensures your servers, desktops, and network systems are free of risks that could seriously disrupt your business operations.  PtRM not only provides peace of mind, but allows you to focus time on growing your business!

Included Services

  • Weekly security patches and updates for server(s)
  • Ongoing server optimization
  • Weekly workstation security patches and updates
  • Monthly application updates
  • AntiVirus Licensing
  • Ongoing router, switch, and access point backups
  • Monthly technology and health summary from highly skilled technicians
  • Dedicated technicians for priority support

Monthly Security Patches, Updates and More

Our Solutions Team is ready to answer your questions about PtRM - Remote Management support for your server and workstation security patch and update needs.

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