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Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud

| Secure & Compliant Cloud Hosting Solutions for Public, Hybrid & Private Cloud

Secure & Compliant Cloud Hosting Solutions

Our Secure Cloud solutions are deployed in a highly secure, best-in-class, multi-tenant infrastructure that provides customers their own private, self-contained virtual data centers. Each of these environments provide operating systems, applications, and additional services that meet your needs. We base our cloud offerings on our highly available enterprise cloud platform.

Secure Cloud

SMB solutions featuring enterprise-grade architecture, multiple Tier IV data centers and a security configuration with intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services.

Our multi-layered approach to security begins with the physical security of clients’ data; deployment of its cybersecure and compliant cloud exclusively in Tier IV Data Centers that are distributed across the United States for geo-redundancy and enforcement of the most stringent security policies available.


Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Clouds offer the perfect solution for many businesses, integrating the scalability power and capacity of a public cloud with some of the advanced personalization options of a private cloud, and can produce an ideal cloud computing environment.

Some businesses need the ability to run scaled out applications on a public cloud to save on computing costs and run applications with specialized requirements on the private cloud. Hybrid cloud solutions will allow for both of these applications running on different cloud platforms to work together.


Private Cloud

Not all organizations require the offerings of a private cloud, but for businesses needing custom architecture, specific compliance needs, or running applications with high computing needs, they are a necessity. By utilizing our private cloud, your business will benefit from our best-in-class infrastructure, high availability, and a fully redundant architecture.

With our Secure Private Cloud design, your organization will have the highest possible levels of isolation, dedicated resources, privacy and security. Platinum Systems provides a fully managed private cloud, where we support your dedicated hardware, and network, as well as the operating systems and applications we offer.


Strategically Located Tier IV Data Centers

  • Geographically Distributed
  • Enterprise-level Physical Security
  • Built-in Redundancy

To meet our commitment to delivering best-in-class services, Platinum has exclusively deployed our secure cloud in leading Tier IV Data Centers across the United States.

Threat Detection and Prevention

Cloud platform deployed with enterprise-grade intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and perimeter security services.

Compliance and Certifications

Easily implement effective controls, policies, and procedures to protect data, and maintain compliance with a broad range of requirements.

Real Time Monitoring

Organizations are provided with visibility and transparency for cloud security, and resource performance in real time.

Multi-Layered Security

Cloud platform utilizes multiple layers of security that focuses on three key areas: physical, software, and infrastructure.

Enterprise Architecture

Best in class commitment to technology including datacenters, connectivity, hardware, and security.

Multiple Top Tier Data Centers

Use of multiple top tier datacenters to provide bi-coastal redundancy, and enforce rigorous security policies.

Compliance and Security: Enjoy a Fully Managed, Secure Cloud Infrastructure.

Secure Cloud Hosting and Compliance for Healthcare Applications and Data, Finance, Ecommerce and more. Partner with’s compliance experts to maximize your efforts.




Threat Observation Platform

A one-of-a-kind tool designed for our Secure Cloud customers providing you with visibility and transparency into your cloud security.

We start at the top of your cloud, with an added layer of dynamic, in-depth intrusion detection… and more importantly… intrusion prevention services.

Our intuitive platform monitors threat severity, displays the total number of threats blocked, and shows you where threats originated, by country and IP address.

Fortify your cybersecurity today with Platinum’s advanced security features.


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