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5 Signs Your Business Needs a Managed Technology Solution
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5 Signs Your Business Needs a Managed Technology Solution

High profile data breaches and data loss events have become an unfortunate reality, which is why experienced IT support specialists play an integral role in maintaining a secure and up-to-date infrastructure.  Despite the increasing importance of secure technology environments in the workplace, far too many small and medium-sized businesses do not budget for dedicated IT support.  Here are five top signs that your business needs a dedicated Managed Technology solution:

Rapid Growth

Other challenges exist when a business experiences growth at a pace too fast for internal IT specialists to keep up. This scenario shines a light on the need for third-party IT Partners to complement rather than replace internal IT.  Partnering with a Managed Service provider allows IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives and custom projects.

Employee Burnout

Businesses attempting to save money on IT costs risk employee burnout when they rely on staff (with some technical skills) to stay on top of security patches, and critical updates.  This reactionary approach effectively overburdens staff and keeps businesses from proactively preparing for technology changes.

Technology Fatigue

Do you know what technology your IT infrastructure will need this year to secure its role five years from now?  Many businesses are stuck in such a reactive timeline, that it’s difficult to know which technology to invest in and what makes the most sense for your business needs.  You may have an understanding on cloud technology, but are not sure how to employ it in the most effective way.  This is where your Managed IT provider can take the technology fatigue off of your shoulders by keeping you informed of IT trends, and changes as they happen.  They can help you determine the best way to spend your IT budget, and navigate you to the right IT solutions.

Constant Downtime

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Managed Technology Solution

 Some businesses do not upgrade their technology infrastructure until they experience a major downtime event.  Hardware crashes, software updates, and user error can amount to hundreds of hours of lost productivity and thousands of dollars in downtime.  With Managed Technology proactively monitoring your entire network, these events are minimized. System outages are more prevalent than one might think with one third of all businesses experiencing one downtime each month.  The average downtime is 7.9 hours per occurrence.  Managed Technology services is proactive support comprised of a team of IT professionals who provide unlimited network monitoring to help prevent issues before they happen.

Calculating Downtime

System outages are more prevalent than one might think.  Nearly one third of all businesses deal with downtime every month (average of 7.9 hours).  Managed Technology is about taking a proactive approach to business technology systems to detect outages before and as they occur to minimize the time and cost associated with those outage events.

PtMT – Managed Technology Benefits

With PtMT – Managed Technology providing 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and proactive IT support, you can relax knowing that an entire team of IT professionals is taking on the heavy load of network management to help prevent the kind of damaging impact a downtime event can have on your business.  As a trusted technology partner, PtMT also includes:

  • A predictable monthly fee with unlimited priority support5 Signs Your Business Needs a Managed Technology Solution   
  • Security patches and updates for all devices
  • After-hours emergency support
  • Antivirus, email filtering, and backup verification
  • Ongoing router, switch, and access point backups
  • Software and application patches
  • Dedicated vCIO and technology experts to keep you for up-to-date best business practices

Customer Feedback

“Working with Platinum Systems has truly been a blessing for our organization.  As a non-profit, Platinum Systems is well aware of our financial constraints and they are always looking out for what’s best for us, not their bottom line.  Though we aren’t the biggest or highest dollar client, Platinum treats us like we are, and continually surprises us with fantastic service.  We don’t have an in-house IT expert, but it certainly feels like we do working with Platinum Systems.”

Jake McGhee, Chief Executive OfficerBoys & Girls Club of Kenosha 

Give one of our knowledgeable Solutions Team members a call at 888-910-4407 for a free consultation, and see how PtMT – Managed Technology can further enhance your business technology needs.

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