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Cloud Backup Overview

Cloud Backup

| We Backup, You Relax

We Backup, You Relax

Data loss due to natural disaster, software and hardware failure, or human error can come with crippling expenses and long-term financial loss.  Our PtCB - Cloud Backup service is more than just another file storage solution; it’s your business life line and an integral part of a strong continuity plan.

Business Continuity Done Right

Whether your industry is manufacturing or health care, the need is the same - keeping your mission critical data safe.  With PtCB, recovery time after a disaster can be achieved within hours as opposed to days or weeks.

Included Services

  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Fully encrypted image-based backups
  • Affordable scalability at a low monthly fee
  • Enterprise-grade technology and security

Comprehensive. Proactive. Predictable

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