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Alert: Rising Bitcoin ATM Fraud in Kenosha - What You Need to Know

In a concerning development this week, the Kenosha Police Department has shed light on two fraud cases tied to Bitcoin ATMs in our community. These incidents highlight a troubling trend targeting local residents, with criminals exploiting the digital currency's ATMs for their schemes.

During an investigation, police discovered that some of these ATMs are equipped with warning messages alerting users to potential fraud risks, along with providing contact information for the VictimConnect helpline at 855-484-2846. However, it's been reported that fraudsters are actively instructing their targets to disregard these messages or directing them to ATMs lacking such warnings.

Stay Alert

The scam process begins with an alarming notification sent to the victims' electronic devices, falsely informing them that their identity has been compromised. The victims are then coerced into transferring funds to a so-called "Federal Box" to prevent their bank accounts from being frozen. This involves depositing money into a Bitcoin ATM and scanning a QR code, which unfortunately sends their funds directly to the scammer's account. Additionally, victims are persuaded to purchase prepaid credit cards and share the access codes with the scammers, further compounding their losses.

It's crucial for the community to understand that legitimate government agencies will never demand payments or the purchase of specific items to avert actions such as asset freezing. Recognizing this can be the first step in safeguarding oneself against such deceptive tactics.

In response to these alarming incidents, the Kenosha Police Department, in collaboration with the Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center (262-605-6646), is taking proactive measures to combat and prevent fraud within our community. This partnership aims to educate and protect our residents, particularly the elderly, who are often the most vulnerable to these scams.

The authorities urge everyone to maintain open lines of communication with friends, family, and law enforcement. Should you suspect a scam or if something feels amiss, it's better to seek advice sooner rather than later. Family members are also encouraged to discuss these issues with elderly relatives, promoting vigilance and the importance of reaching out for help when in doubt.

What to do if you feel comprised?

If you find yourself a victim of fraud or if you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Kenosha Police Department Fraud Unit at 262-605-5203. Together, we can work towards a safer, scam-free community.

About This Post

This blog was inspired by a press release from the Kenosha Police Department, highlighting the urgent issue of Bitcoin ATM fraud in our community. As a local IT Managed Services Provider and Cyber Security Expert, Platinum Systems is dedicated to informing the public about these risks. We urge everyone to remain vigilant and attentive to safeguard against such threats. Our goal is to empower our community with knowledge and resources to protect themselves in the digital age.


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