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How Platinum Systems Can Give Your Server Room a Cable Management
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Chaos to Control: How Platinum Systems Can Give You a Cable Management Makeover

Chaos to Control: How Platinum Systems Can Give Your Server Room a Cable Management

It’s hard to tell whether winter is coming or going. The fickle months of March and April can hold humanity in its icy grip causing us to wonder whether it’s safe to break our hibernation. The sheer dormancy of the season can not only suffocate notions of home spring cleaning, but can potentially affect any interest of reigning in-office clutter and workplace disorder. Let’s face it, server rooms can suffer the same untidy chaos that is the result of winter disenchantment.

How to Give Your Network Engineer Heart Palpitations

  • Are you struggling to locate your UPS device for a battery replacement only to find it drenched in a sea of cables?  
  • Are you unable to replace your aging router beneath the dusty collection of Windows XP devices saved for posterity?  
  • Are you unable to identify the burning scent emanating from your server room due to the land mines of broken connectors, and damaged jacks resulting from your hazardous trip over cords and unnecessary hardware?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to your environment, it might be time to embrace a spring cleaning state of mind by calling Platinum Systems for a Server Room Cable Management Makeover. Taking your cluttered server room to the next level of organization and efficiency is as easy as calling 888-910-4407! With just a few well-planned adjustments and strategic cable management modifications, your server room can go from chaos to control.

A Server Room That Looks Efficient Is Efficient

  • Labeling cable ends is a great way to track end points for easy tracing.  
  • Labeling ports and jacks is especially helpful for hidden wall and ceiling cables.
  • Stacking equipment for increased airflow can help reduce equipment damage and slow performance due to overheating.

Planning for Business Growth and Security

  • Accommodating future growth can be accomplished with the aid of cabinets and wall-mounted racks for patch panels and switches.  
  • Not only do server cabinets provide organization, they also offer much needed protection from dust and humidity.  
  • With security in mind, your cabinets and racks can also provide safety from unauthorized access.

Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri IT Providers – Ready When You Are

Give Platinum Systems a call at 888-910-4407 to spring forward in organized class. Scheduling your cable management makeover with one of our highly trained Network Technicians will take your server room from chaos to control!

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