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If Your Network Could Speak

Hi, it’s me your Network!

Are you aware that our competitors have networks with newer devices and faster speeds? Did you notice that my routers and switches are five to ten years old, and our internet transfer speeds are slower? I get it - our business is growing and requires investment in other areas. It’s easy to forget that I require ongoing attention and maintenance too. However, without my help navigating rapid technology changes, your hope for progress can’t keep up in the fast lane. So here’s the thing, some of my network device buddies have a few ideas to help transition you from less-than-adequate to absolutely stellar network performance.

Router (The Bouncer)

Everyone calls me The Bouncer – I’m your gateway to the internet. I keep threats at bay and keep you connected to the outside world. If I go down, everyone goes down. It’s important to keep me up-to-date and replace me when my manufacturer creates an updated replacement. I should also be replaced when your business grows. Enterprise-class security and reliable internet connectivity are two of the main features I need in order to keep our network up to speed. Don’t settle for anything less than business class products (such as Cisco) with VPN, Firewall, and encryption providing secure remote access.

Switch (The Communicator)

I’m Switch. I’m all about connections and bringing everyone together. As The Communicator, I let you interact with your PC’s, printers, servers and other hardware. I allow you to send email and share resources so it’s important to keep me updated. Also, please make sure I have enough ports to keep those connections flowing. When I’m old and slow, you will be too!

Access Point (The Hero)

Hey, I’m Access Point. I’d like to say that I am your superhero since the increased need for Wi-Fi technology grows day by day. Boosting productivity, providing secure remote access, guest access, and expanding your network are just a few of the ways I can provide dramatic improvement. Don’t skimp on your network by purchasing consumer grade products. Enterprise level wireless systems enable you to work from anywhere with more reliability. Additionally, high-level encryption is important in securing sensitive information.

Support Contract (The Insurance Agent)

It’s industry standard practice to purchase support contracts for your business-class routers, switches, and access points. A support contract is your key to rapid replacement should your device fail, as well as technical support which includes configuration assistance, network setup, firmware updates and patches. It’s important to consider the cost of downtime should any of your devices fail. Having a support contract is the best way to keep your critical business functions operating with little to no disruption.


Procuring support contracts from the same company that provided you with your network products is strongly recommended, as it provides hassle-free record keeping, and monitoring of expirations, end-of-life notices, and other information important to your business. Platinum Systems, Inc. is your qualified one-stop shop for recommending the right devices and support contracts for your network. Let their team of experts simplify the purchase and installation process. Simply call (888) 910-4407 or email


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