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Malware Alert:  Fake Voicemail Emails
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Malware Alert: Fake Voicemail Emails

Malware Alert: Fake Voicemail Emails


You receive an email with instructions to open a voice mail message through an attached PDF document or zipped WAV file.  It seems legit.  You may already receive Voicemail-to-Email messages through your business.  However, something seems different as you notice the zip attachment or file included in your email.  Do you open it?


Many users know the dangers of opening email that looks suspicious.  However, scammers continue to develop sophisticated ways to lure victims into their engineered security attacks.  A recent ransomware email came to our attention in the form of a voice note.  An attached PDF document contained a link directing the user to a fake Office 365 login page with a pop up message (as seen in the images below).  This phishing, ransomware email appears like an automated email from Outlook and downloads malware onto the user’s computer.  

Malware Alert Example Malware Alert Example


DO NOT OPEN!  Gone are the days of care-free internet usage with little to no viruses or ransomware nipping at your heals.  Welcome to the world of 21st century piracy where virtual ships named CryptoLocker, TeslaCrypt, and CCC Virus File Extension sail the internet high seas with reckless abandon.  Protect your data and devices by simply not opening the attachment, and reach out to your IT team immediately.  Simply deleting the message may not be enough! Err on the side of caution by calling Platinum Systems at (888) 910-4407 for a qualified technician to review and take precautionary steps.


In addition to antivirus, email filtering, and a proper data backup and disaster recovery plan in place, staff training is one of the next best ways your business can maintain a secure network.  Consider providing your staff with an internal IT Security Awareness Memo listing the ways in which users can minimize risk.

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