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National Clean Out Your Computer Day

There is a bit of science behind the reasons for why it can be difficult to rid ourselves of clutter.  Some objects are tied to sentimentality, while others are just jumbled cast offs from a busy life.  Whatever the reasons may be, we can thank the Institute for Business Technology for reminding us to cut down the clutter by designating the second Monday in February as National Clean Out Your Computer Day!

Get Organized

Over time, unused files and programs can bog down computer memory and slow down overall performance.  Organize your folders, and delete junk files.  Don’t forget to delete those piled up duplicates and shortcuts scattered on your desktop.  Remove temporary files and downloads no longer in use.

Spring Clean

When is the last time you cleaned off the dust bunnies and cob webs hiding in your computer and keyboard?  A buildup of dust can cause overheating and make it harder for your PC to run properly.  It’s time to get out a soft dry cloth and a can of compressed air.

Concerned about germs?  You should be.  Keyboards and mice are a breeding ground for sick days, so take extra care in giving your computer a routine disinfection wipe down.

Call the Professionals

It’s one thing to give special attention to your work and even home computer, but there are some things better left to the professionals.  Purging files can have some unforeseen consequences by accidentally deleting files that you actually need.  You may also find that removing unused programs have the unintended result of removing critical system components, so leave the heavy IT lifting to the professionals.

A knowledgeable IT Technician will ensure that your data backups are current, potential viruses and malware are wiped, and that your computer is running at top performance.  Additionally, an IT Technician will be able to determine whether you need to upgrade or replace devices, and provide key recommendations for your network infrastructure.

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