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Peace of Mind with PtRM - Remote Management
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Peace of Mind with PtRM - Remote Management

Peace of Mind with PtRM - Remote Management

DIY Network Security: Is it worth the risk?

As technology evolves, so do security threats.  The recent WannaCry ransomware outbreak in May of 2017 was a wakeup call to many businesses, and reconfirmed the importance of having a patch management solution in place.  Had this threat spread over email as analysts originally predicted, the attack could have been catastrophic.  

A word of caution from the Kryptos Logic Research Company in an article posted May 29, 2017 titled WannaCry: Two Weeks and 16 Million Averted Ransoms Later, the WannaCry worm and its variants are still an issue of concern, though at a much smaller pace.   

75% of Platinum Systems’ customers rely on us to systematically manage their security, patches and updates.   We are proud to say that none of our managed customers were ever at risk.  For the remaining 25% relying on an as-needed, wait and see approach to network security, the risks were greater.

The True Cost of DIY Network Security

To put the issue into perspective, the true cost of DIY Network Security to one of our service-as-needed customers required numerous critical server updates and security patches.  This took many hours of labor to bring the server up-to-date.  Add to this effort the time needed to manually update all workstations, and you have a pretty good idea of how time consuming the process can be.  

DIY Network Security Gone Wrong

Another example of DIY Network Security, is a customer who thought they applied the necessary patches and updates to their server and workstations, but had the foresight to call support for verification.  The customer's caution was spot on, as our service team verified that none of the DIY steps were done correctly. 

Service Team Words of Caution

"Windows Updates can break a lot of things, and just because you can install them, doesn't mean it won't break business critical applications.  Application updates should never be done until it is confirmed that they are stable patches and not a development or early branch release.  Additionally, support contracts should be active for all vendors.  DIY Security updates and patches?  Leave it to trained professionals."

- Dakota Gartley, Platinum Systems Network Engineer 

Peace of Mind with PtRM - Remote Management

Are you 100% certain that your network updates and patches are in place?  Are you confident that your DIY approach to network security is keeping you secure from increased risks?  Can you afford the cost of downtime associated with a security breach?

Platinum's PtRM service is remote management (security patches and updates) that ensures your servers, desktops, and other network systems are running smoothly and free of risks that could negatively impact your business for a predictable low monthly fee.  The small amount of 'savings' in a DIY approach is no match for the increasingly high cost of downtime.  It's high stakes betting on the odds of a security event not happening to your business.

PtRM - Remote Management for your server AND workstations can give not only peace of mind, but allow you to focus time and expertise on growing your business.

PtRM - Remoting Management includes:

  • Comprehensive monthly technology review and health summary
  • Automatic updates and security patching to Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Automatic application updates (Java, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Firefox, and more!)
  • Anti-virus review and backup verification
  • Automatic server optimization (workstations optional but strongly recommended)
  • Automatic router / switch / access point backups (Cisco only)
  • Dedicated vCIO to analyze and plan for your business needs
  • Dedicated help desk technicians for priority support
  • Annual onsite business review meeting

Let Platinum Systems provide you the peace of mind in knowing your network and systems are free of the vulnerabilities that could seriously disrupt your business operations.  Contact us today at 888-910-4407 to discuss how PtRM - Remote Management is the secure choice for you.  If you are interested in a more robust 24/7 management service, ask us about our PtMT - Managed Technology service.

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