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Ransomware Breakdown: What You Need to Know About Not(Petya) and WannaCry

The Spirit of Independence Day

We may have a bit of Randy Quaid in all of us as there is some satisfaction in having the last say to an adversary.  The, “Hello boys, I’m back,” line from the famous movie Independence Day, is a little like having a solid disaster recovery solution in place when combating the likes of ransomware hackers.  Maybe the imagery is a bit of a stretch, but we can all agree that setting up your plan of action to threats such as the recent WannaCry and Petya or NotPetya cyber-attacks is critical for business survival.

Much is at stake with business data security these days as major ransomware and viruses have brought down businesses overnight.   A recent article in The Verge illustrates the global damage done and risks posed to businesses unprepared for disaster.

What Your Business Can Do

We can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining security patches and updates.  Ignoring them can have very serious consequences.  Though it is one of many necessary lines of defense, having an up-to-date antivirus software is not enough to combating the latest ransomware and viruses created on a daily basis.  So, what can your business do?

  • Avoid clicking suspicious email links or attachments
  • Replace End-of-Life operating systems
  • Implement a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solution such as PtCB – Cloud Backup
  • Implement our AVG – CloudCare antivirus solution 
  • Set up restrictions to block executables from running in compressed files
  • Implement our PtMX – Email Filtering service for anti-spam and malware defense protection
  • Improve your technology performance and network security with one of Platinum’s managed support offerings such as PtMT - Managed Technology, and PtRM – Remote Management

PtMT – Managed Technology (24/7 network monitoring and alerting) includes:

  • 24/7 Network monitoring, alerting and technology support for existing infrastructure at one predictable monthly fee with NO CONTRACTS
  • Dedicated team of network engineers, technicians, and support staff watching over your network for priority support
  • Network security for servers and workstations
  • After hours emergency support
  • Security patches and updates for all devices
  • Priority help desk support
  • PtMX – Email Filtering
  • Antivirus

PtRM – Remote Management (monthly support) includes:

  • Weekly security patches and updates for servers
  • Ongoing server optimization
  • Weekly workstation security patches and up-dates (strongly recommended)
  • Monthly application updates (Chrome, Adobe, Reader, Firefox, Java, and more)
  • Ongoing anti-virus and backup verification
  • Ongoing router, switch, and access point backups (Cisco only)
  • Monthly technology and health summary from highly skilled technicians
  • Dedicated technicians for priority support

Reasons to Wanna Smile Again

Let our full range of support services help keep your business up-to-date and secure.  If you have been the victim of ransomware, or you are on borrowed time with aging network devices, contact us at 888-910-4407 to get the conversation started.  At Platinum Systems, we’re here help!

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