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Spartan is coming to your PC

Microsoft Edge

Project Spartan, better known as Microsoft Edge, has just been announced as the latest web browser from Microsoft!  Intended to replace Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is to be the default browser for Windows 10 (yet to be released).  With exciting new additions such as Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, and a Web Note taskbar button allowing direct draw and text annotation on your PC, it would seem that Internet Explorer will soon loose an ‘Edge’ to its successor.  However, for those reluctant to change, you’ll be happy to know that Internet Explorer will continue on for enterprise customers.  

The Windows 10 Go Live date has yet to be released, though a launch teaser is expected in late 2015.  For those interested in a little preview of what Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge will soon offer, a quick visit to provides a quick peak!


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