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Cyber Security Awareness Month
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Trick or Treat - Cyber Security Awareness Month

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

It should come as no surprise that National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Halloween both reside in the month of October!  Global security events such as the recent Equifax cybersecurity breach, can make businesses and users alike feel a bit frightened and unsettled.  

It’s big money in the cyber world with criminals continuing to maneuver through unpatched software and other weaknesses in network infrastructure.  As businesses continue a digital footprint, cyber-threats become the inevitable reality.  Staying cyber-safe and savvy requires dedication and a committed team of experts to help navigate the complex waters of network management.  If you’re not sure where to begin, the following information is a great place start.


Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The single most important thing a business can do is to implement a strong Data Backup and Disaster Recovery plan.  We can’t stress this enough since ransomware, such as the infamous Cryptolocker, can encrypt files and folders on local drives by simply opening an attachment and spreading to shared storage drives and other accessible systems.  Cyber criminals also take advantage of seeding legitimate websites through unpatched software.

User Training

Employees play an important role in keeping an organization’s data safe.  Security best practice staff training is helpful in keeping everyone vigilant when handling email and utilizing the internet.  No matter how relevant an email may seem, always execute caution before opening unsolicited attachments or clicking links too quickly.  If it was forwarded to you from a trusted source, double check with the sender prior to opening.

Up-To-Date Antivirus and Email Filtering

Implementing a strong antivirus and email filtering solution will also help prevent spam messages with ransomware/viruses from reaching users by blocking various extensions in attachments.   

Setup Group Policies

Group policies can provide software restrictions that block executables from running in compressed files.  This minimizes the risks and damage that ransomware can cause if infected users have full user/group permissions on shared drives and files.  Audit file shares and group permissions on a regular basis as well.

Set Password Policies

If your password is “12345 or Password,” it’s time to make some changes!  Before you do, though, it’s important to remember that hacking is on the rise.  Implementing stronger policies and closing security gaps remains a critical key to keeping your organization safe.  Password policy guidelines should require a minimum of 14 characters and contain a long, strong, and complex password set.  

 Avoid words that are easily guessed such as your spouse or children’s names, the word “password,” or any part of the company’s name.  Choose two or more words that are not related, a number set you will remember, and keep characters that are arbitrary and not memorable out of the equation.  For more insight into industry best practices and computer security, the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has provided a comprehensive digital identify guideline publication which can be found here.  Contacting our service department to request a review of your current password policy, is a great way to ensure your organization is maintaining strong security policies.

Cyber Security Toolkit

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has provided a great toolkit of resources called Stop.Think.Connect.  A quick visit to the secure link below provides additional ways you and your business can stay safe online and strengthen cyber resilience.

Platinum System Managed Solutions

Strengthening your business’ cyber resilience is also made easier with the addition of the following Platinum System managed solutions.  

PtMT – Managed Technology:

Your business requires the best in network protection, efficiency, and continuity at a cost that is predictable and affordable.  Offloading your 24/7 IT support needs to our PtMT – Managed Technology solution is the ultimate step in safe-guarding your network security needs and maintenance.  It’s your full service IT boots on the ground.

PtRM – Remote Management

For monthly remote maintenance solutions, our PtRM – Remote Management solution can provide your established internal IT with support for system updates and patches.  It’s monthly peace of mind preventive maintenance for your servers and desktops.

PtMC – Managed Cloud

Taking the complexity out of managing the right cloud server solution is easy with our PtMC – Managed Cloud service.  We manage, you relax as our secure data center hosted servers provide a scalable and flexible user experience.  Available everywhere, it’s security server management unique to the cloud industry.

PtCB – Cloud Backup

Data loss comes with crippling expense and long-term financial loss.  Our PtCB – Cloud Backup service is more than just another file storage solutions; it’s your business life line and integral part of a strong continuity plan.

A call to 888.910.4407 or email to is all you need to get connected with a support specialist.  

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