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Why Legitimate Licensing is Important to your Business

Software Licensing

Fake Louis Vuitton handbags, Nike sneakers, and Rolex watches are some of the first products that come to mind when discussing the problem of counterfeiting. However, have you considered that the inexpensive, rock bottom software program deal you saw on “” might be a fake/pirated product too? If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Real or Pirated – How Can You Tell?

Microsoft has a clear Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label, or visual identifier indicating a genuine Microsoft software. The best way to avoid non-authentic products is by purchasing from a known and trusted source. As a leading IT Provider, Platinum Systems, Inc. takes great care in reselling only authorized software licensing to avoid counterfeiting, software infringement, and loss of customer time and money.

Risks – Are you Protected?

Unauthorized software can have the unwelcome effect of introducing viruses and malware to a computer. For networked devices, the threat multiplies by connecting to a company’s entire IT network. Malware may give hackers access to confidential business and customer data, cause downtime and potential legal issues. It’s due to these very real threats that the FBI has issued consumer alerts warning of the possibility of malware on pirated software.

Best Practices – Setting Group Policies

Being aware of the risks associated with unauthorized software is a good first start to prote your business, but not the best place to stop. Developing and enforcing a strong security policy is also key to protecting your Business and IT Network. If it’s been awhile since your IT business plan has been reviewed, now is a great time to dust out the policies and sharpen your best practices again (software installs and upgrades, anti-virus, spam filters, firewalls, password policies, administrator security enforcement, etc.). If one is not currently in place, reaching out to Platinum Systems for a security audit is also a good step towards a strong security policy.

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