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Why Managed Cloud Solutions is right for your St. Louis Business
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Why Managed Cloud Solutions are right for your St. Louis Business

Why Managed Cloud Solutions is right for your St. Louis Business

As your business grows, you need a growth in your resources as well. The storage space, the bandwidth, and everything will need updating. Cloud Solutions, which some refer to as Managed Data Center Solutions, enables organizations to easily access data anywhere, anytime. Cloud Solutions is not a fit for everyone. Platinum Systems will help you determine if Managed Cloud Solutions is right for your business, as there are many advantages to Managed Cloud Solutions.


Make informed IT decisions that are both financial and strategic.

Identify and calculate direct IT costs over the past 24 months

Direct costs such as hardware, software, subscriptions, certificates, maintenance, repairs, and downtime (productivity and opportunity cost).

Identify and calculate indirect IT costs over the past 24 months.

Operating costs such as electricity, floor space or facilities, insurance/warranties.

Determine and calculate if IT costs are expected to remain the same in the next 12 months.

This will be a good indicator of expense control, or reveal risks. Is network and computer equipment nearing expected end of life? Are upgrades needed? Are software renewals/replacement due?

Does the IT environment support the business goals for the next 12 – 24 months?

Technology impacts almost every aspect of business. Planning and aligning business goals and the technology will strengthen the path toward the targets. This is also the stage to consider if internal resources can support the technology, or are better used focusing on the core business.

Identify gaps in the IT infrastructure, technology, or services.

Things to consider when converting to a Managed Cloud Solution

Age of server

Will you be replacing soon or is there a timeframe to replace? Does the operating system need to be replaced? If you are thinking about either of these, now is the perfect time to do some analysis on moving to Cloud Solutions.

Operating cost of current situation

Operating costs for electricity is typically $60-$75 a month per server. Also, consider the physical space for the servers. Could this space be put to better use for the organization?

Open Structure

Determine whether the current system and information is accessible through needed modes such as remote or mobile.


A Managed Cloud Solution uses data center level security and users utilize a private network connection, so it is secure.

Data Center Facility

The data center has 24/7/365 monitoring for operations and for controlled physical access.

Data Backup

As part of the Managed Cloud infrastructure, operating systems, network configurations, user information, applications and file shares are all included in the backup providing a disaster recovery solution.

Converting to a Managed Cloud Solution

Platinum System Project Manager assigned to your account

The project manager will go through a technical review of the environment, answer any questions that you may have, and create a project plan based on your input and timeframes.

Implementation options include replication, or migration depending on the needs specific to the business.

Initial testing will include functionality testing

Conversion / Migration

The project manager will go through everything that the migration entails and all of the current business applications will be updated and data validated before the actual conversion occurs. Only after all of this occurs will the business be using the new system.


The conversion takes approximately a month to make sure everything is working properly.

Managed Cloud Solutions is about taking a proactive approach to the technology needs of your business. Platinum Systems provides options for unlimited network monitoring, unlimited help desk support, and provide your business with an entire team of IT professionals to not simply fix issues, but to prevent them before they ever happen.

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