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About Platinum Systems

“Walking into Platinum Systems Inc., like, are all these people family?  It sure feels like it!” - A recent interviewee

The first thing you need to understand about Platinum is that we’re interested in knowing you first and your skills second - if you fit with our family we’re happy to train you.  We value hard work, drive, communication and willingness to be a team player above all else.  If you bring those skills to the table, we know you’ll fit right into our family.

The Platinum Systems Inc. family company was founded in 1997 in what some might refer to as a cliché tech company story.  At 18 years old, founder Matt Carlson had a vision for an IT company to serve southeast Wisconsin businesses that he started in the basement of an old retail building.  Being the team player that Matt is, he quickly started recruiting local talent to join his company, much of whom still works at Platinum Systems.  Fast forward, 20 years and Platinum Systems is now known as one of the best places to work (they gave us an award to prove it) and now have three offices in the Midwest and 45 employees serving hundreds of clients from New York to Hawaii.  As Matt’s vision continues to grow, so do the opportunities for our team and technicians looking for a company to belong to for the long term.

We’re a committed bunch, not just to doing good work, but to delivering the best possible solutions for our customers that keep their technology in-sync with their business needs and do it with some of the most innovative technology available. Every single one of our employees stated in a recent interview that one of the best things about our work environment is that we have fun while being productive at work and even more fun together with our families after work.  From baseball games, to family picnics, to golf outings, to after hour community events and more, it’s always likely that you’ll find members of our team playing and giving back in the communities we serve.  We suggest you check out our social media pages to get to see us at play!

However, don’t be fooled, our jobs are a lifestyle.  Most people start here because they like technology and quickly receive training that quickly transitions their like to love.  We invite you to apply to fall in love with Platinum Systems today!

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