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Cloud Backup Features

Cloud Backup

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Offsite and Secure

Data is one of the most valuable assets for businesses, and worrying about whether your data is backed up successfully every night is a thing of the past.  With PtCB – Cloud Backup, your sensitive data is backed up safely offsite on hosted servers managed by Platinum Systems.  

Available and Affordable

Having your business files backed up on to an on-premise server a local device is not enough to protect against natural disasters, fire, theft, or failed hardware.  Having an affordable offsite continuity plan such as PtCB – Cloud Backup ensures that your data is secure for a low monthly fee per GB of data.

Scalable and Reliable

Self-managing your backup with hardware and limited storage space can pose costly risks to your business.  With PtCB image based and incremental backups, storage is unlimited and allows you to reliably store any amount of data.

Advanced Technology and Resources

Identifying onsite business backup vulnerabilities often goes unnoticed until a disaster strikes.  Leveraging the latest technology and expertise of Platinum Systems’ support will allow you to weather the storms of business interruptions and downtime by rapidly restoring critical data.  PtCB – Cloud Backup will help keep your business life line going strong.