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Managed Cloud Features

Managed Cloud

| Scalable and Reliable


Most of your work might be done from the office, but in these busy times, there are always exceptions.  With an internet-ready-device, you can have secure access to your data through our PtMC – Managed Cloud servers hosted in our own data center.  Your remote desktop is now available whenever and wherever you need it.


24/7/365 data monitoring through our cutting-edge intrusion detection systems is security for peace of mind.  Security is promise as hackers, malicious software, viruses and other online threats are in a constant state of monitoring.  Automatic data backups occur every night, and our professional services are never out of reach.

Uptime Guarantee

With PtMC – Managed Cloud servers, your data is stored at a Tier III data storage site with 99.999% SLA (Service Level Agreement) Uptime.  Physical and online protections and safeguards are in place so that your managed data is available to you virtually any time.

Accumulated Savings

When thinking of the high cost involved in ongoing technology upkeep, the benefits to cloud computing becomes clear.  Investing in our PtMC – Managed Cloud management solution allows you to save on the cost of things like purchasing, maintaining equipment, upgrading technologies, and hiring a specialized employee.   

Unlimited Resources

With unlimited resources, your business will no longer be burdened by limited server space, or the day-to-day drudgery of data center management.  Store as much data as needed.  A simple call will enable you to add vCPUs, memory, and storage to existing virtual machines.  Upgrades are virtually immediate, normally taking effect as soon as your server is rebooted.