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Remote Management Features

Remote Management

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Security and Optimization

Data breaches and security compromises are at an all-time high.  Overlooking or missing security patches on your servers and workstations can not only compromise networks, but bring down an entire business infrastructure.  With PtRM – Remote Management, your business can effortlessly offload management tasks to trained Platinum Systems IT professionals with weekly security patches and ongoing server optimization.

Application and System Updates

Updates are important and necessary to improving the stability, security, and performance of software applications and operating systems.  To ignore or miss them entirely can leave your network vulnerable to exploits, and your software operating at less than peak performance.  PtRM – Remote Management updates applications like Windows, Microsoft Office, Java, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Firefox, and more.

Skilled Technicians and Technology Reviews

A DIY approach to updates can sometimes break business critical applications if not confirmed by a highly skilled technician.  Leaving these tasks, the hands of PtRM professionals ensures that your servers, desktops, and other network systems are running smoothly.  The addition of a monthly technology review and health summary also provides potential risks and vulnerabilities recommendations to correct.